Arbitrary Justice | The Power of the American Prosecutor
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"Angela Davis sheds searing light on the long-veiled power wielded by American prosecutors and shows that a fair criminal justice system is an illusion unless we demand transparency and equality from this oft-overlooked arena."
-David Cole, author of No Equal Justice

"With this book, Professor Davis throws down a gauntlet to prosecutors; some district attorneys will roar in opposition to her proposals while others, deeply concerned with equal justice, will take to heart her trenchant observations on racial issues in the prosecutor's office and will carefully consider her proposals for needed reforms."
-E. Michael McCann, former Milwaukee County District Attorney

"In Arbitrary Justice, Professor Davis reveals how the primary mechanism of accountability in our democracy--elections--has failed to hold prosecutors accountable to the people they serve. She offers practical progressive ideas for reform that will improve our democracy and help to eliminate the unacceptable class and race disparities in our criminal justice system."
-Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)

"Finally, a book by a scholar that not only describes what's really going on in the trenches--a dangerous shift in power from judges to prosecutors in sentencing and charging decisions--but provides a sensible agenda of reforms that will protect victims and defendants alike. This is a very important work."
- Barry Scheck, Professor, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and Co-Director, Innocence Project

"This book is not simply timely. It is timeless. It chronicles the expansion of prosecutorial powers and, better yet, offers a compelling set of reforms that all can agree will help to curb unnecessary abuses of power. Public officials, law enforcement, and everyday citizens will all find this book informative and accessible. It is a must read, and a phenomenal read."
-Charles J. Ogletree Jr., Jesse Climenko Professor, Harvard Law School